Who are we?

PolarCap is a media company dedicated to creating valuable listening experiences for a variety of audiences. We make podcasts that are fun and (sometimes) informative. We were founded by two students in 2015 as a game development company. Things have changed.



What are podcasts and how do I listen to them?

A podcast is a digital audio file that usually sits in a show feed called an RSS feed. Like radio, but not. To listen, we'd recommend downloading a podcast app like RadioPublic or Castbox. These services access the RSS feeds of podcasts and allow listeners to subscribe, download, or stream episodes.  Most of them are free to use, and PolarCap's podcasts are free to listen to.

How does PolarCap make money? 

We rely on our listeners to keep things going. Some of our episodes contain sponsored reads from our advertisers, which means we get paid to talk about stuff and offer promotions we think our audience would find interesting. We do our very best to make sure you know what's an ad and what isn't. Some ads on platforms like YouTube are dynamically placed. PolarCap also sells merch and podcast shoutouts to listeners.

Where did the articles go?

PolarCap used to publish articles that covered the entertainment industry, and they're still available here! We're working closely with our friends at Comic Fade to continue bringing you similar types of content.