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Monsters, mayhem, and a whole lot of mistakes. Listen as three first-time adventurers and one Chris explore magical worlds in this tabletop RPG podcast from PolarCap. Each episode, the team usually has an absurdly hard time with a quest designed by the extremely talented and very tired Eric Vargo Jr. Together, these episodes are supposed to weave a rich tapestry of excitement, intrigue, and character development in a beautiful serialized story. We'll see how that works out.



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Free Four All is in its first season. Episode are released every other Tuesday at 8am EST. Bonus episodes are released occasionally.

The Team


Eric Vargo Jr.

Eric is an executive producer for PolarCap. They co-host, write, and edit for Free Four All. They're the DM, which means they also play every character that isn't one of the players.



Chris Wright

Chris is a PolarCap writer and producer. He co-hosts Free Four All and plays the sorcerer Garius Naitsrich.


Drew Powers

Drew is a PolarCap co-founder and wears many hats. One of those hats say “co-host of Free Four All”. He plays the paladin Ander Elfman.


Isaac Scroggins

Isaac is a PolarCap co-founder and technical wizard. He co-hosts Free Four All and plays the monk Kino.


Clay Hetrick

Clay is a friend of PolarCap and co-host of Free Four All. He plays the rogue Morthos Orthos.


Character art, the Free Four All logo, and cover art is available in the downloadable Electronic Press Kit. All rights reserved. © 2018 PolarCap LLC. All art for this show was designed by Star Prichard. Check out more of their work on Instagram.

About PolarCap

Free Four All is a property of PolarCap, a media production company focused on creating podcasts that land somewhere between silly and sincere. Learn more.

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Fans of the show can support our work just by listening and sharing the show with their friends. Checking out our sponsors' offers helps a lot, too.

Please consider listening on RadioPublic. It's a great platform on Android and iOS, free to use, and provides us with a small amount of revenue for each listen.

If you really want to go all-in on supporting Free Four All, you can become a direct supporter of PolarCap on Patreon. In addition to helping the show grow, you'll get access to loads of bonus content from Free Four All and other PolarCap shows.


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The very first story episode:

The final episode of the first arc:

A lot goes on in this one:

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