Justice League's Biggest Villain is Henry Cavill's Facial Hair

Here's something that Warner Brothers knows you know but pretends you don't: Superman is in Justice League.

Henry Cavill's 3rd run (flight?) as the Man of Steel will be the heaviest on post-production team yet. Why? Because as reported by Variety, every new scene Cavill is in requires the digital removal of his mustache. 


The reason Cavill's 'stache exists? Paramount won't let him shave. His role in Paramount's upcoming Mission: Impossible 6 called for a mouthbrow, and that film is still in production.

The reason for the overlap in film schedules is that after shooting wrapped for Justice League, the higher ups called for extensive reshoots.

The idea of two studios fighting over Superman's mustache and the amount of time and money going in to digitally shaving someone's face has been making me laugh all day. Here's what Twitter had to say:


When Superman is busy doing two movies at once, it's up to CGI to shave the day.