For Honor's Latest Tournament was Ruined by Glitches

Ubisoft runs into more trouble as it tries to establish For Honor as a competitive esport. A tournament held yesterday to celebrate season three, which begins tomorrow, was severely affected by overpowered abilities and some tricky exploits.

In fact, the $10k tournament was won by user SB.Alernakin whose entire strategy revolved around using the glitch often referred to as "unlock tech". This bug makes it impossible to parry an attack if a Nobushi fighter is unlocking while delivering it. Doing this basically guarantees a player damage which Alernakin did throughout his matches.

After winning, Alernakin went so far as to say, "I didn’t think it’d be this easy. . . Before the tournament, I hadn’t played the game for two weeks," – a testament to the incredibly unfair gameplay For Honor features.

It's been no secret that the clever use of exploits is what separates the "best" players from everyone else but this tournament in particular really shows that using glitches is more important than technical skill.

Ubisoft is aware of these issues and their user's frustrations, but they need to act fast before players give up on the game altogether. This along with the shaky release and continued server issues really puts For Honor on shaky ground.