IT Expected to Break Record in Box Office

Warner Bros. and New Line have been enjoying loads of positive buzz with their marketing campaign of Andrés Muschietti's IT. The reimagining of Stephen King's famous novel has seen two trailers so far, the first taking the record spot of most views in 24 hrs on YouTube. King fans and horror fans in general seem to be bubbling over with excitement to see Pennywise on the hunt once more.  By the looks of it, the studio has a lot to be hyped for too.


The Hollywood Reporter states that It is tracking to reach $50 million or more on its opening weekend. This would beat Hotel Transylvania 2 for the biggest opening in September. This type of success is not to be scoffed at. An R-rated film opening to such a number is very good. We also have to take into consideration that the film drops on September 8, a month where movie going slows as the blockbuster season leaves us. The only real competition won't arrive until the 22nd with Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The Lego Ninjago Movie. Warner insiders are taking a more conservative estimate, also noting the month and rating, only gauging about $40-45 million.

All of you who consistently watch The Movies Show know that I am not a horror fan. Having mini panic attacks every five minutes is one of the least appealing things I can think of. That being said, I know this franchise has a massive fan base that wants to see this film hit home. So, for their sake, I hope Muschietti has put together something truly special.

Are you excited for IT? Do you think it can meet these predictions with the factors that are fighting against it? Do you also have the fear tolerance of an 8 year old? Let us know. Stay frosty!