Punisher Trailer Teases Marvel's Next Netflix Adaptation


Before you say anything, I know this is T.V. news. That being said, PolarCap is looking to expand our horizons in the near future. Plus, I'm sure a large part of our fan base is filled with Marvel/Netflix fans. Lets get to it.

Yesterday saw the release of Marvel's latest collaboration with the streaming service in the form of The Defenders. The four-way crossover has been highly anticipated by many, but Netflix didn't waste any time starting promotion for The Punisher. You can watch the trailer here.

Growing up mostly with DC content, Punisher is one of the few Marvel characters that always caught my attention. A man with nothing more than a few guns and a take-no-prisoners mentality was so different from the likes of Superman or Spider-Man. I'm glad that Jon Bernthal is having a chance to really show this character off in the limelight. One of my favorite aspects of Daredevil Season 2 was the focus on Frank Castle as a broken human being and not just as a killing machine. This teaser does hint, however, that the lowlifes of Hell's Kitchen will not be walking away once they cross the Punisher's path.

The Punisher is set to release later this year. Stay frosty.