Xbox One X Pre-Orders and the 'Project Scorpio Edition' Are Now Live

Rumors of the next generation of Xbox have been swirling for years, confirmed by Microsoft as Project Scorpio last year and then as Xbox One X a few months ago.


Xbox's Gamescom event today revealed a ton of new information about the console's imminent launch. Here are the answers to a few questions you might have:

What's the big deal?

Xbox One X has been repeatedly described by Microsoft as "the world's most powerful console". As such, the big deal lies in the company's ability to deliver on that promise, which has a lot to do with specs.

The console's Specs are - on paper - more impressive than the Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 Pro. The main places the Xbox One X shines is in its CPU speed, GPU cores, and memory amount/bandwidth. The console also boasts "true 4k" and an HDR mode for videos and games.


When does it launch?

The Xbox One X will launch November 7 of this year, almost exactly 4 years after the launch of the original Xbox One. Back then, many said there would never be another full-fledged console generation. It could be argued that's still the case, as this is more an iteration than a new product line.

What does it cost?


$499.99 is how much the original Xbox One cost when it launched in 2013, and $499.99 is what Microsoft's brand new Xbox One X will set you back. Though this time, you're paying for extra specs rather than the Kinect everyone everywhere totally loved.

What's in the box?

The Xbox One X ships with a 1 TB hard drive, wireless controller, power cable, a one-month Xbox Game Pass subscription and 14 days of free Xbox Live Gold.

Where can I get it?

Here are the retailers currently accepting pre-orders. Microsoft says it's the only way to get the limited 'Project Scorpio' edition.