SNES Classic Still Nearly Impossible to Get

As the Super NES Classic's release date comes closer, more stores are putting it up for preorder. Amazon and Best Buy started first but have been sold out for some time now, so it was good to hear yesterday that new stores would be listing their preorders.

SNES Classic Edition.jpeg

Unfortunately, Target and Walmart both sold out in minutes. The same thing happened when Gamestop put their own stock online. In fact, Gamestop's site crashed from all the traffic. It was also possible to secure a preorder by visiting a local Gamestop store in person, and those people may have had better luck. However, most of the preorders available were the SNES classic bundled with other things like a controller, but they're likely gone too.

We don't know whether any of these stores will release another round of preorders, or if anyone who missed out is out of luck. Gamestop has said those without a preorder will still be able to pick up a console from a physical store on the day of release, but we expect those to go as quickly as the preorders did.

Nintendo has said they'll be making a lot more SNES Classics than they did regular NES Classics, but they won't be shipping any new ones after 2017 so we still expect there to be a short supply. In fact, confirmed pre orders are already being sold on eBay for $300 to $400 – another field day for scalpers.

Even with increased output from Nintendo, they still may not be making enough. Here at PolarCap, we're still waiting for our turn to pick one up before its release on September 29.