The Mummy Hits Big Thanks to Foreign Markets


I'll be honest: I haven't seen The Mummy. The trailers didn't stir my interest, and the negative reviews didn't help. Universal's  "Dark Universe" just seems like an attempt to shove characters together, who have always been independent, to mimic the success of the MCU. There's one thing that Marvel doesn't have, though. His name is Tom Cruise.

As of today, The Mummy made $400 million globally. Why is this significant? It's significant because only $80 million of that came from U.S. theaters. The other 80% of the box office is from foreign markets, the biggest being China with $91 million. Not surprising as Cruise is a favorite over there. This shows a couple of things. Number 1 is that China continues to be one of the biggest markets in the industry. The Transformers franchise is another example of box office domination via overseas viewers. Secondly, and the most important in my mind, U.S. audiences aren't drawn by the simple promise of a cinematic universe.

Like I said before, I haven't seen The Mummy. I can't comment on its quality, but I do know one of the main complaints was its focus on establishing a shared universe rather than crafting a strong first film. One of my previous posts covered M. Knight Shyamalan's plans for Glass. The synopsis stated that this would be the end of the series started by Unbreakable and Split. I spoke about the strength a short film series can hold. That's not to say lengthy franchises are always doomed to fail. I'm simply stating that there is a strange, sacred nature to finality in the cinema. Ask anyone who was disappointed with The Mummy. A solid movie with no outside connective tissue would have been much more satisfying than what they saw, I'm sure. But, hey. No one says no to Tom Cruise.

What do you think of The Mummy's box office take? Would you rather Hollywood focus on trilogies and single-film experiences? Let us know in the comments. Stay frosty! 

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