Destiny 2 PC Open Beta Launches Today

The open PC Beta for Bungie's space RPG/shooter sequel Destiny 2 launched today, which is great news for anyone that didn't pre-order for PC and wants to get a taste of the game before they make the decision to buy a copy.


The content in this beta is virtually the same as the content in the console beta that was live last month, other than the addition of a new mulitplayer map. Players have access to the Inverted Spire Strike mission, the first main story mission, and two competitive multiplayer modes.

So far the reception from participants has been great, especially when it comes to the way the game looks and feel on PC on high settings.

You can download the beta through the Blizzard app 

Destiny 2 comes out for Xbox One and PS4 early September, but PC players will have to wait until late October to experience the title in its full glory.