2017 Box Office Sales Face Record-Breaking Decline


Summer 2017 is almost over and, with it, the summer blockbuster season which marks a good time to take stock of the movie industry overall. This is bad news for movie makers as reports come out that year over year box office sales are down by nearly 16% which is sharper even than the drop between the 2013 - 2014 seasons.

This may come as a surprise. The summer saw some big hits like Wonder Woman, SpiderMan: Homecoming, and Dunkirk which all came out with critical acclaim and great reviews. They weren't enough, however, to outweigh the relative failure of movies like the Alien: Covenant and The Mummy. Even movies that were considered pretty good like War for the Planet of the Apes didn't make enough money to significantly boost broader box office sales.

For the entire year, the box office is expected to bring in 3.57 billion dollars. This translates to the lowest ticket sales in 25 years. Part of this could be due to studios focusing more on the international market. For example, movies like the latest Transformers and The Mummy did relatively poorly in the US but have crushed it overseas. Perhaps there could also be something to the fact that many of the season's biggest movies were sequels. Guardian's of the Galaxy 2, Annabelle: Creation, and War for the Planet of the Apes weren't bad movies but they weren't really original either which could be keeping some people away from theaters.

However, the year isn't over. Although unlikely, some much anticipated upcoming films like It and Justice League could help turn this year around.

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