Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review


Let's start out by saying the obvious, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a weird crossover. Mixing the overall clad Mario with the chaotic and irritating Rabbids may look like a disaster from afar, but when seen up close and personal, the game actually has tons to tell. Ubisoft and Nintendo did a fantastic job at smooshing these two worlds together. 



Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle plays as a tactical shooter with much needed strategy. Now I state it as "much needed" as one of your characters can be offed in one move of enemy attack if you did not pay enough attention, or you somehow managed to pick a bad place to cover. But if each of the character's special abilities are used, a battle can still come out on your side, which makes the game interesting and fun even if you are banging your head up against a wall trying to think of the next move in this strange chess game.

Another thing this game does well is the areas that the team of characters explore. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle uses the Mario Brothers world as a base and throws all kinds of different Rabbids chaos to change everything around you. Whether it is creating a Rabbid/Piranha Plant mixture or creating a complete mess of using honey and Goombas, there is always something in the background to look at and wonder, "How in the hell did that happen?"


There is some clumsiness to a game like this though as currency is hard to come by. A players best bet to get more coins is to do perfectly every single round in each of the main areas fights and to retry each level as much as possible. But it still feels hard to acquire all of the weapons available to your fighters.

Overall, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a mixture of weirdness and fun that will leave a player satisfied and filled with awe as they come up with many other mixtures that would be good with our favorite plumber boy.

Eric's Take: 8/10

Good Stuff:

  • Interesting & Bright
  • More Crossovers to Come???
  • Luigi's Sniper Rifle

Bad Stuff:

  • Currency is Hard