HellBoy Creator Sees Cinematic Universe in Franchise's Future

We've known for some time now that director Neil Marshall would be leading the charge on a HellBoy reboot. We've known for some time now that David Harbour of Stranger Things fame would be carrying the titular role. What we didn't know were the long-term plays, if any, for the new take on the property. That has now changed.

HellBoy creator Mike Mignola recently gave The Verge the lowdown regarding his work on the film relaunch and how heavily it will rely on it's source material. "It’s a very loose adaptation of one of the Hellboy graphic novels. When you have more books out there, you have a lot more to sift through. You can look around at how big the world is, and borrow pieces from here and there.”

In addition, Mignola revealed that he would like to see the world surrounding our protagonist expanded upon in the future. "The challenge for us has been to not lose sight of the specific story, but suggest the elements of a larger story. My hope is that this introduces a lot of stuff that then expands into a Hellboy Cinematic Universe."

Now before you all begin to roll your eyes at the idea, we need to look at the context. HellBoy, just like any Marvel or DC character, has an established roster of colorful characters that inhabit his world in the comics. I know shallow attempts at cinematic universes, such as this year's The Mummy, will leave many haunted by the idea. Neil Marshall, in contrast, will have an already carefully knit world to pull from. That is not to say this shared universe is guaranteed to work or even happen, but at least the prospect of these characters co-existing is a proven one in some form.

The HellBoy reboot is schedule to drop sometime next year.

Do you like the idea of a HellBoy Cinematic Universe? Are there specific aspects of the comics you believe need to be incorporated? Lets us hear your beautiful voices. Stay frosty!