Josh Brolin Is Done With Your Crap in These DeadPool 2 Images

The anomaly that was Deadpool's success made ripples within the comic book movie world. Not only did it open the gate for other R-rated adaptations such as Logan, it also showed that superhero fatigue can easily be avoided with fresh entries into the genre. Plus, $783 million at the box office is remarkable for a character who was a virtual unknown to the casual moviegoer. 

With the studio's obvious decision to green-light a sequel, one of the big casting announcements came in the form of Josh Brolin as Cable. We now have our first look at him in character via self-proclaimed marketing genius Ryan Reynolds. 

For all of you who needed to Google this character but didn't when you heard his name, Cable is a soldier from a dystopian future and is the son of the X-Men's Cyclops. His stoic, mission minded disposition constantly clashes with Deadpool's more laid back approach. I personally think that this is a great adaptation of the character. Its accurate to the 90's source material but is also grounded enough to grab the attention of non-comic readers. 

DeadPool 2 arrives on June 1, 2018.

What do you think of these images? Are you hyped for Deadpool 2? Do you hope to look as good as Josh Brolin when you hit your late 40's? Let us hear it. Stay Frosty!