How to Catch the Legendary Zapdos in Pokémon Go Right Now

Pokemon Go's third legendary, Zapdos, has been released on the world. For a limited time, players can capture team Instinct's mascot pokemon, but it won't be easy.

Similar to the last three legendary releases, Zapdos will only be available during legendary raid battles which happen randomly, so players will have to keep an eye open for a raid countdown at nearby gyms.


Obviously, during the battle it's best to have as many people as possible (up to 20) to take the legendary down. Zapdos is an electric and flying-type pokemon, so it's susceptible to ice and rock attacks and ground-type pokemon will be especially resilient to lightning attacks from Zapdos. According to tips released by the Pokemon Company, Golem will be your best bet.

Zapdos will be the most difficult legendary to take down yet, but if you manage to defeat him, he should be a pretty simple catch using a Premier ball.


If you plan on catching him, be sure to do it before August 14. After then, Zapdos will disappear indefinitely like his legendary predecessors. Zapdos is the last confirmed legendary so far, Ho-Oh, the fourth and final legendary bird, is rumored to be making an appearance at some point too.