Disney, Pixar, and Marvel are All Taking Their Movies Off Netflix

Disney and its subsidiaries are breaking up with Netflix, and they're taking their movies with them.

The company announced this week that they intend to launch their own proprietary streaming service by 2019. By the end of 2018, all of your favorite classic animated films, Marvel movies, and Pixar masterpieces will have left Netflix. The Marvel TV shows produced by Netflix will remain on the platform.


Disney's entrance into the TV & movie streaming field should have a strong start. Starting in 2019, they'll be able to kick things off with the much anticipated Toy Story 4, and follow up with the sure to be a hit Frozen 2 and live-action Lion King. The company also plans to invest in exclusive movies and TV shows specific to the new platform, which is on-par with the current streaming giants' strategies.

If any of this news has you feeling like you need to binge every Disney movie ever, you can check out this list of all the currently available Disney films on Netflix compiled by The Verge.

This is a smart move on Disney's part. They have enough content, a big enough audience, and the budget to pull it off. The market seems to think so too, because Netflix's stock dropped 5% following Disney's announcement.

Not looking forward to having another streaming account to keep track of, though.