Apple Introduces Advanced Wireless Charging Tech with AirPower

Wireless charging is great – just set a device on its charging pad and there it goes, no cords needed. It's not perfect though. For one, a lot of charge pads still require you to put a device in a very specific position for it to work properly. On top of that, you need a separate pad for each device you own. That will put you in a tough situation pretty quickly, but Apple is looking to change all that.


The Apple AirPower wireless charging mat – for obvious reasons – hasn't been the most talked about thing from Apple's keynote today, but it actually represents one of the most advanced wireless charging systems out there. Just put your new iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (with the new case) on the pad and you can charge them all. It allows you to charge all your devices from one pad. Simple right?

It's a simple concept but the actual technology required for it has been in the works  for years. The mat has to regulate the flow of power to every device present regardless of were it is on the mat. Plus, all the devices interface to display current battery levels on an iPhone. This is what all those Apple Charging patents have been for.

It's pretty impressive, and it goes a long way in making wireless charging more viable of an option. However, because it's so sophisticated, it won't be available until early 2018, well after the new iPhones and Apple Watch come out. Pricing will probably be at a premium (as usual with Apple) but we can still expect them to ship a lot of product when it does come out.