Call of Duty: WW2 Beta Gets Even More Stuff

The multiplayer beta for Sledgehammer's upcoming shooter Call of Duty: WWII just keeps getting bigger. This is the second weekend it has been available for PlayStation players, and Xbox One players who pre-ordered have just recently been able to get access.


It was announced by the developers today that coming to the beta was a variety of new content, as well as tweaks and enhancements. Here are the highlights:

New Stuff

  • Level cap increased to 35 
  • New weapons & equipment
  • Flamethrower Scorestreak
  • New game mode: Kill Confirmed
New weapon: M1928 Thompson

New weapon: M1928 Thompson


  • TDM match limit is now 100
  • Kills on Domination are now 100 points
  • Molotovs reduced to one per Scorestreak
  • Difficulty of Paratroopers increased
  • ADS speed out of sprint adjusted

Coming at Launch

  • New controller layouts
  • Potential adjustments to flinch
  • Hitmarker feedback addressed

It seems that Sledgehammer has been busy, and that they've been paying close attention to feedback and data from the beta.


Are you enjoying the beta so far? What do you think about these additions and changes? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter.

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