DLC for Destiny 2 will feature Osiris and a Patrol Zone on Mercury

In the last couple of days, news about the first DLC for Destiny 2 has been coming out, and it doesn't disappoint. Sources close to Bungie say that the first DLC, which is scheduled to be released in December, will come with a full story about the wizard Osiris, a new patrol zone, and a new social space.


All these things signal a far more substantial content release than the first Destiny's initial DLC titled The Dark Below. It also released the December after Destiny was, but it felt rushed to a lot of people. It was too short and insignificant, especially considering that Destiny's storyline on launch wasn't very good to begin with.

That's part of the reason that this new story arc could be exciting. Activision is promising a weightier and more meaningful story. This coupled with the fact that Osiris has been talked about a lot but never really shown, makes for some promising DLC.

The patrol zone will apparently be a little close to home – on Mercury to be exact. And the social space is going to be the Lighthouse which was in Destiny 1, but was only available to people who got perfect records in the Trials of Osiris pvp gauntlet.


Destiny 2 releases in four days on September 6. We're definitely excited to see how it is, and this new DLC announcement only makes it better.

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