The Pokémon Go Round Up

So although is has been a little over a year since the ever popular phone game Pokémon Go came out, developers Niantic are still rolling out on some classic Pokémon mechanics that die hard players have been asking for from the get go. In an interview with Bloomberg, The Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara teased at how progressing in the game for them and Niantic will include the ability for players to trade the tiny fighting creatures as well as battle teams of them in player-on-player battles, among other things.

This opens up a whole realm of possibilities for every type of player! Players who live far away from cities and can only get like one pokémon a day? They can meet up with a friend and trade off until they are satisfied with how their Pokédex looks. But, hey what if Niantic doesn't even need players to be next to each other to trade or battle, then this process gets even more simple.

In another viewpoint, these changes are exciting because they are so reminiscent of the original handheld Pokémon classics. Basically the last thing that was close were the Pokémon gyms, but even those felt weird in a way. Yet, even if Niantic can nails these additions to the game, will the PvP battles still just include a player tapping their screen just to attack more often than their opponent? Or will that tactics and strategy of the handhelds be what is sought after?



In other news, it has also been confirmed that the legendary dog trio from Johto will be making their way to our pocket, while each creature being limited to a certain area of the world. As well as announcing that the Safari Zone events in Europe are coming back after having been cancelled in August. 

No matter what happens in the near or far future, every player of Pokémon Go's eyes are trained at Niantic and The Pokémon Company with anticipation.