It Already Smashing Box Office Records


For someone who swears he will not see IT, I am having a great time following the film. A lot of people are either fans of Stephen King's novel or the mini-series with Tim Curry. Its just great to see adaptations that can put a huge smile on people's faces. Plus, I can't deny that the marketing has been on point from the first trailer onward. It put me on edge, even if that's not saying much. It does ease my mind that I am not alone. Thursday pre-show sales have made the Warner Bros. picture a record-breaking $13 million. How record-breaking is this? 

Largest horror pre-show

Largest R-rated pre-show

Largest September pre-show

Largest pre-show for a film based on Stephen King's work  

It looks like Andy Muschietti was not playing games on this one. The reviews seem to back it up, too. Now, all eyes turn to the weekend ahead. No need to worry. The Hollywood Reporter stated that the film was tracking for a $50-$60 million opening back in August. This looks like a walk in the park when you consider that no big competition in the genre arrives this month besides Darren Aronofsky's thriller mother! droping next week. Even then, It seems to have much more wide appeal despite a 84% on Rotten Tomatoes for mother!  We'll just have to wait and see if the competition will float too. 

Are you excited for It? Do you think any newcomer will get washed out? Let us hear it down below. Stay frosty!