Lucifer Season 3 Ends Without Being Renewed

After three astonishing seasons, “Lucifer” has come to its end.

Although it doesn’t actually follow its source material, the show became one of Fox’s most popular -- a well deserved popularity due to its quality content.

Indeed, the last episode of the last season had such an interesting plot that it almost became addicting!

Chloe and Lucifer have been through so much together and it's now obvious it's more than just the crimes they've solved together.

From partners to friends to lovers for an extremely brief time then back to friends again, Lucifer understood that he could never give up on her and vice versa.

After almost marrying Pierce, whose real identity is Cain, the world’s first killer from the bible, Chloe realized that all the hurried decisions she had taken in her sentimental life were made because of Lucifer, either because she wanted to move on and forget about him or to prove to him that she had found someone who she could always count on.

Their dynamic has evolved beautifully. It did evolve slowly, but that doesn't make it any less interesting. They slowly fell for each other and slowly realized their feelings. The scenes in which Lucifer talks about her are touching because we get to see him open up, the Devil himself actually found someone he could be in love with and he very badly wants her to choose him over Pierce.

Besides the beloved couple "Deckerstar", another important aspect of the season is Lucifer's process of actually understanding not God nor humans, but himself. At the end of the season, Amenadiel tells that the devil face and the angel wings don't depend on God’s will, but on how he  feels about himself.

Lucifer always felt like his father decided who he was: once an angel, then the devil and then again an angel. But after saving Chloe and killing Cain, he realized it's all about who he thinks he is and how he feels about himself.


His devil-face came back, which means he reckoned he is a punisher, symbol of sin and far away from God. And finally for the first time nobody had told him who he was or how to behave: he figured it out on his own. It's fascinating to see a different interpretation of the Devil and to try to understand his point of view, how he thinks and how he feels. It's a well done analysis overall.

In the last minutes of the episode Chloe finally found out that Lucifer wasn't just using biblical metaphors and that he actually is Satan.


But after this excellent finale we might not get to see what happens next, since Fox hasn’t renewed the show for a fourth season. Don't lose hope, because on twitter both the show’s actors and the fandom are trying to save the show by using the hashtags  #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer to possibly get another network to pick the show up and to renew it. Whether we're going to get a fourth season or not, fans are still grateful for these amazing three seasons, which have always had consistent plots, well written script and a great acting.

“The angel Lucifer was cast out of heaven and condemned to rule hell for eternity. Until he decided to take a vacation...”