An Injustice vs. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe crossover has been announced

This amazing crossover will see He-man, the Masters of the Universe, and superheroes from the DCU team up in a six issue long mini-series in the hopes of finally defeating Superman.

Tim Seeley and Freddie E. Williams II will be working on the project, coming out July 18.

“Believing He-man and the Masters of the Universe defeated, a robotic impostor has seized control of Eternia — but not for long! After freeing his kingdom from this strongman’s rule, Prince Adam learns not everyone is pleased to see the pretender deposed — but Adam knows the value of freedom. So when heroes from another dimension ask his aid in deposing a super-hero turned dictator, he agrees. Teaming up with Batman against the Superman of the Injustice Universe, He-man and his new allies face dangerous and familiar enemies in a battle where no world is safe!”