Batman and Catwoman are Getting Married

A date for Batman and Catwoman’s wedding was finally announced, and it'll be out on July 4!


The couple is very loved and fans are excited to finally see the two of them in a stable relationship -especially for Bruce, who has had many love interests.

The grumpy and sad Batman might finally be closer to happiness, unless… unless something happens.

These are comics, and to be interesting, each issue of the series needs conflict. That's probably why Tom King decided not to let the two of them entirely enjoy their wedding: Joker will apparently have a role in this issue, and he isn't very happy about the wedding.

It could be intriguing, if only Harley Quinn wasn't involved as well. As if she didn't have enough appearances already. She's going to have to save the situation as the awful anti hero she is now. In modern comics, almost every time they meet, Joker and Harley have no deep or significant interaction. All she's done is beat him up which is not the first time writers have done something like this, and eventually it gets old. Thus there's a chance it will happen again in the upcoming wedding and, honestly, it would make the whole thing look like some joke.

But Tom King has got real talent so hopefully there will be more to it than a simple fight.

It's safe to say that the expectations for this issue are very high!