Batman: White Knight #5 Review

Jack Napier’s adventure continues this month in Batman: White Knight #5, which is by far one of the most complex and interesting arcs ever.

As Batman keeps on with his investigations to find out what Jack’s real intentions are, his relationship with Nightwing slowly deteriorates, and as both Dick and Barbara join the GTO, Bruce’s patience seems to get to the limit.


Without doubt, some of the most compelling panels of this issue are the ones in which Batman and Harleen interact: in point of fact, we get to know better about the two’s relationship, and along with a beautiful Batman: The Animated Series reference, we realize that Batman and Harleen are indeed friends. But even though Harleen tried to dissuade Batman from keeping on trying to incriminate Jack and start to work together instead, Batman’s idea didn’t change.

On the other hand, Neo Joker with the help of the Mad Hatter, is still trying to discover the Waynes’ family secrets, and in my opinion, the panels that feature these two characters are by far the most interesting and beautiful. It is in fact rare to see Mad Hatter finally having a non-marginal role, and I really enjoy seeing Neo Joker in action. She is still determined to bring Joker back, and she will do everything in her power to do so.


After breaking inside Wayne Manor and then escaping, an epic series of panels shows not only how the GTO actually works, but even Batman’s arrest. He became, in effect, nothing more than a super criminal for the GCPD — only interfering with the police’s operations.

I think that it’s clear where this story is going, and I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next issues we’ll actually see Batman and Jack working together for a while, just the time that Neo Joker needs to trigger some sort of reaction in Jack’s mind. 

I honestly don’t know if I would like to see that, since it’s way too predictable, but at the same time I don’t see another direction this story could take. We might even get some conflict between Harleen and Neo Joker, since I doubt Harleen will let Neo Joker operate without getting in the way.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this arc, which is something I would've never expected. The art, as always, is vibrant and detailed, and I love the way Murphy drew the car chase panels. I definitely can't wait to see how it's going to end.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can get a digital copy of Batman: White Knight #5 here.