Batman: White Knight #6 review

The last five issues of White Knight were definitely a wild ride: this comic started with a not so promising start, but it soon became a very interesting and twisted tale. Sean Murphy’s work doesn’t cease to amaze us with this sixth issue, which is more focused on the GTO trying to finally arrest Batman, despite Batgirl’s disapproval.

This issue is definitely filled with tension and action, starting from the very first panels where we can see the GTO chasing Batman down with Nightwing’s help, to the history between Victor Fries (aka Mr. Freeze)and Batman, who not only knows the Dark Knight’s identity, but even reveals that the Wayne family and the Fries were connected.

Moreover, in this issue, we can finally see Jack and Batman eventually fight, and it is very interesting to see Jack fight with his inner demons as well. 


Neo Joker also has an important but short role in this issue: her plan to bring Joker back is actually starting to work. After a desperate attempt to get both the GTO and Jack’s attention, the issue ends with a cliffhanger, where we can see that the Joker is back, and he will give Neo Joker what she wants.


In conclusion, this series is getting better and better, and I think that a lot of credit for that goes to Neo Joker. she’s fresh, interesting, determined and gives a great twist to this story.

The art, as always, is detailed and amazing, it really helps you dive deep into the story; but not everything is perfect in this issue. Like what happened in the very first issue of this series, some of Batgirl’s dialogue seems almost too forced, and is definitely not good.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can purchase Batman: White Knight #6here.