Call of Duty: WWII Finally Gets Its Story Trailer and It's Super Promising

Today, Activision and Sledgehammer released the first ever trailer for their highly anticipated FPS - Call of Duty: World War II. The trailer shows off some scenes, characters, and plot lines from the game's story mode.


The trailer strikes a dark, gritty tone overall, which is certainly in line with the game's goal of creating a realistic portrayal of the events of the war. After watching the trailer six times, I have to say I'm impressed. The story is compelling, cinematic, and so far from what I can see faithful to the events it portrays. The characters seem to have depth, hopes, dreams, fears, and struggles. Although no first-person gameplay is shown, the cutscenes look great, and the footage you can tell is rendered in-engine is very encouraging.


The game seems to focus more heavily than past iterations of the franchise that dealt with the same era on the holocaust and the atrocities committed by Hitler's regime. There is a scene in the trailer that showcases an interaction between what appears to be a captured soldier and a Nazi officer, where the soldier hides his dog tags presumably because his name reveals his Jewish heritage. "They're looking for Jews" we hear in the trailer.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.00.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.00.20 PM.png

Here's the official description for the trailer:

"Call of Duty®: WWII tells the story of Private Ronald “Red” Daniels, a young recruit in the U.S. First Infantry Division who experiences combat for the first time on D-Day, one of the largest amphibious assaults in history. After surviving the beaches of Normandy, Red and his squad will fight their way across Europe, engaging the enemy in iconic battle locations such as the Hürtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge, as they make their way into Germany."

Watch the trailer below: