DC Comics announces a new Hawkman series

DC Comics has recently announced that Hawkman will have his own solo series, starting June 13.

Written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Bryan Hitch, Carter Hall, an archaeologist who is destined to become a reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu, will resume his role as an explorer of the DCU’s ancient and unknown.

“Hawkman is one of the richest, most storied characters in comic book history, a cornerstone of the DC Universe,” says Robert Venditti. “His adventures have taken him from ancient history to the far-flung cosmos, and everywhere in between. It’s been too long since he had a series of his own, and I’m excited to bring him back to the DC Universe.”

The series will be inspired by some of the events that happened in Dark Nights: Metal, and it will surely give more spotlight to one of the most fundamental characters in the DC Universe. Even though Hawkman has been featured in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Over time I think he’s lost some of that central importance to the DC universe, and we really want to bring that back and make him a marquee character,” says Venditti.

But Hawkman is not the only one who will get attention from this series: Hawkgirl, who was also featured in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, will also appear in the series, and will play a “foundational” role for Hawkman.

Hawkman #1 by Venditti and Hitch will be published by DC Comics on June 13.