Destiny 2 Review

Welcome to your destiny, well, your second one

Spoilers Ahead

Alright everyone, this is it, the big one. Let's just start from the beginning. Destiny 2 drops players into the action immediately with a few beautiful cutscenes that involve your character, your ghost, and a bunch of explosions. This concept is just amazing but also has a good amount of subtlety to it. Throwing people directly into a fire fight automatically draws attention, yet they use all of their character assets and game mechanics to show off the tutorial in a shining light. All of the main characters treat your player as a guardian that did all of the previous games accomplishments, whether they are a newcomer or a veteran of the series, which is inviting.

A warlock, hunter, and titan stand ready.

A warlock, hunter, and titan stand ready.

At the end of the first mission, players are automatically thrown into a sad spiral laced with defeat as the guardians Light is ripped away from them and they made a break from the Cabal that destroyed the last safe city. So Bungie decided said, "Hey! Let's give our playerbase a sweet sweet explosion filled battle and then make them feel the weakest they ever will!" It is a nasty plot move, but it sets up the constant battle with game sequels that is how to restart the players.

From here, the guardians are led across a few other planets with quests that are long and enticing. A guardian gets to see the new planets (mainly moons) that Bungie created to explore the destroy a massive superpower as well as bring back all of the leaders from the previous game so that their perfect fireteam can be brought together once more. This part was executed well as a player was introduced to a new cast of characters that shined, but also brought the new concept of Lost Sectors, regional chests and adventures. 

Next up is the end game which includes the incredibly large raid "Leviathan" which is the slowest crawl of the game, but still one of the more exciting ones as a player gets to watch their character gain more and more strength. 

As much as I have praised this game, there are also some nasty parts. With the simplification of factions and leaders to tokens as well as the ability to gain better gear by only doing a few things at the start of each weekly restart, Destiny 2 almost seems to prefer the more casual player. This may be fine from a newcomers point of view, but this can be very alienating to veteran group.


Also to add to the negatives, Bungie can not seem to get their maintenance and servers right just yet. With the large periods of server workings every week to still just getting dropped out of server to one of the many games animal based error codes, it gets frustrating to everyone. Hopefully Bungie can nail it down in the future.

Eric's Take: 9 / 10

Good Stuff:

  • Fun characters
  • Good looking worlds
  • Just, well, a lot of guns

Bad Stuff:

  • Non-casual alienation
  • Enemies that can push you away and then you hit a weird angle and then you die
  • Bungie's zoo of error codes