Destiny 2 Version 1.0.3 Brings Faction Rallies. Here’s What That Means for You and Your Gear.

Yesterday, Destiny 2 wrapped up its scheduled server maintenance with a brand new update, version 1.0.3.


Bungie has packed a lot into this patch, most notably included are Faction Rallies. These are limited-time events that let you pledge allegiance to one of the game’s three factions. It’s a lot like Pokémon Go. Or For Honor. Or Planetside. Or…

The three factions in Destiny 2 are the same factions from the original title. These are Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy. Before this update, the factions have already made sneaky appearances in Destiny 2. You can find their markings on some weapons in the game.

Members of Destiny’s three Factions

Members of Destiny’s three Factions

Once you choose a faction, you can begin earning Reputation Tokens when you complete designated tasks. You can use these tokens to redeem weapon and gear rewards based on your faction, with an exclusive faction-specific weapon you can earn at the end of the event. For the first event beginning today through October 3rd, Dead Orbit has a Scout Rifle, New Monarchy has a Handcannon, and Future War Cult has a Pulse Rifle.

Only the winning faction’s weapon will be available at the end of the event. Members of the winning faction will be able to purchase the special weapon for 1,000 Glimmer, but all other players will have to shell out 50,000 Glimmer if they want to get their hands on the same prize.


So get out there and compete for your faction of choice, and let us know which faction that is.