Don't Go Breakin' My Atomic Heart

Killer robots, zombie clowns, and what appears to be a yeti lookin’ thing…oh my! Russian developers, Mundfish, are in the process of creating what looks like absolute mayhem. Atomic Heart is an adventure FPS set in the hay-day of the Soviet Union. From watching the trailer it’s hard to tell what the hell is going on apart from chaos. One of the only things we know about the plot is that you play as a special agent sent to investigate Facility 3826. Apart from that, the trailer hints to what might be going on without revealing the whole story. Some movie trailers should follow suit with this tactic.


The combat seems to be reminiscent of Wolfenstein. With overall atmosphere/nostalgia of Bioshock and Fallout, which I greatly appreciate. If you thought all the blood, killing, and weapons was gonna stop a love story from evolving, you thought wrong, son. It may not be the romance we know from Wolfenstein but it could be close. I mean, it’s 2018, who’s to say a human can’t fall in love with a sentient killer robot. Shoutout to GLaDOS. All jokes aside, listed on their website is a small excerpt hinting to a love story titled, “Two Loving Hearts” about two of the employees at the facility.

Along with that are two other small excerpts, “Revolt of the Machines” and “Horrors of the Facility №3826”. The first describes machines rising up (or turning on) and attacking the workers. The second alludes to the rumors of the dead coming back to life during diabolical experiments. Cause what’s a horror game without some experiments. Good thing the trailer shows some pretty badass looking weapons to combat these abominations. They also appear to be customizable for all your situational needs.

Whatever this game turns out to be, I’m all about it. The developers also have another game slated to release soon for the VR realm, Soviet Lunarpark VR. This seems to be set in or around the same time period as Atomic Heart and features co-op. Feel free to check out the trailer below for some eye popping visuals, death, and most importantly some jaunty music to go along with all that destruction. The game will release on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox at some point. The developers have it listed on the site as “coming soon” so all we can do is wait. That being said, I’m gonna go play Fallout 3 to hold myself over. Until next time!