Genius Season Two Coming Soon

The second season of “Genius” is coming on April 24 at 9 p.m./8c.

The first season focused on Einstein's life and career and it was superb, accurate and moreover had stunning visuals.

The theme song, by Hans Zimmer, perfectly fits the series and the rest of the soundtrack was just as beautiful.

This second season is going to be about Pablo Picasso, a spanish born artist that is now one of the most significant and celebrated artists ever.

His popularity is not only due to his innovative painting techniques, but also to the unorthodox and gorgeous ways of representing the world through art.

Just like with Einstein, it is going to focus on Picasso’s life and career and the ways his particular, tumultuous personal life and historical context of the time influenced his creative process.

Pablo is going to be portrayed by Antonio Banderas and the series’ executive producers will be Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

Make sure not to miss it on April 24!