Gotham Season 4 Wraps Up

Gotham's fourth season has come to its end with an epic finale based on the “No Man’s Land” story published by DC comics.

Each one of the characters has come a long a way and it seems like we are finally getting the official villainous versions of the incredible Batman villains: Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, The Sirens, Doctor Strange, Poison Ivy and other powerful characters.


Edward Nygma seems to once again act for love, but that doesn't make him any less dangerous and fascinating. That is also due to the actor, Cory Michael Smith, who never fails to portray an insane and smart Riddler.

Lee is very vague when it comes to him: sometimes her feelings look genuine, other times it looks like she's merely using him. But at the end of the episode, after fatally stabbing each other, she confesses that she was offering him something real, and before painfully falling down the floor, they share one last kiss.


Edward’s feelings seemed, at first, very random and sort of pointless. But after working together and after Lee fully evolved into her new persona, they seemed to become a quite fascinating couple, “Bonnie and Clyde” style.

At the end of the episode they are in Hugo Strange’s hands, and knowing what kind of Doctor he is makes the wait even more exciting!

Poison Ivy hasn't come back after disappearing in the mid-season episodes (though she will probably come back to get her share on Gotham) but the show doesn’t lack female characters: besides Lee, we still have the sirens, who are determined to show their enemies how dangerous they are.

Selina was shot after finally getting, once again, closer to Bruce.

Tabitha's love, Butch, was killed by Penguin, who finally avenged his mother “eye for an eye” style with Tabitha.

Neither Selina nor Butch had major roles in this season, but they seem to motivate their lovers quite a lot. It's touching but heart-wrenching to see Bruce and Tabitha get their lovers back to just lose them again.

Meanwhile Barbara had the Demon’s Head power given to her by Ra’s Al Ghul, who's also her lover.

But after she demonstrated that her destiny wasn’t to continue his legacy, Ra’s stole it from her -- since he actually only cares about his legacy and his heir, Bruce.

“The Sirens” wasn't such an important team, since they never had significant plans or roles.


But just after losing her power and partners Barbara realizes that men have done nothing but damage her and that motivates her to finally show everyone what the Sirens are capable of. Knowing that the Sirens, besides being extremely charming and fascinating villains, are also feminists, it seems like we're finally getting them to become a solid team!

Ra’s portrayal was astonishing. His motives, his actions and the acting were accurate to the character. He managed to challenge Bruce in ways we hadn't seen before not only physically, but most importantly morally.

Although he's dead -again- he has and will always have a significant role in Bruce’s transition into Batman.  

And least but not last, the Valeska twins. Jerome had come a long way and he was closer to being the Joker every episode more -- he even introduced the laughing gas! But the writers, for some reason, were determinate to give the Joker's role to someone else: Jerome's twin, Jeremiah.

We know that Joker has a polyhedral personality: he’s a prankster, but dark, manipulative and insane; he’s a heartless gangster, but also classy and calculating.

At first, it looked like they split this personality in two different characterizations and personas. Jerome was an excellent character and fans would've loved to see him become the Joker.

Jeremiah, on the other hand, seems to be everytime closer to be a perfect Joker. He doesn't laugh too much, but at the same time we know that he can't fully be Joker without a Batman. He's extremely smart and calculating with genius level intellect, just how Joker is expected to be. Perhaps even more cruel and heartless, this portrayal of the Joker is as much loved as Jerome was.

Cameron Monaghan was born to be the Joker: his facial expression, his voice, the laugh and the manners couldn't be more convincing and accurate. His look is very classic-Joker like and it looks gorgeously perfect for his character!

Scarecrow -who has a new and classic look, which is amazing-, Mr. Freeze and Firefly had smaller roles, but they're still getting their share on Gotham now that anarchy is knocking on the city’s door.

All that's missing now is the Dark Knight, Batman, and we're surely going to get that in the fifth and final season!

This season has had its up and downs, but towards the final episodes it started getting more interesting, more consistent, and even darker than it already was! The villains have risen while new ones were introduced and there could be nothing more exciting than that!