Jon Favreau shared a photo with Donald Glover from the set of 'The Lion King' and I put it in the thumbnail because I don't play that clickbait game, man.

Hi! This story is about the picture I put in the thumbnail, and it's pretty much the only news (?) in this story, but I've got a nice John Oliver GIF and some filler jokes if you stick around.

Director of Disney's upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a photo of himself posing with musical genius and accomplished actor Donald Glover (I'm a fan).

Glover will be playing the lead role of Simba in the film, and everyone is very very excited. 

The cast for this movie is phenomenal all around. It's pretty much my dream cast for any movie ever. My favorite set of decisions? John Oliver is voicing Zazu, and Nala is voiced by BEYONCÉ.


The Lion King is roaring into theaters July 19, 2019.