Nintendo May Be Reviving Another Classic (and You’re Going to Love It)

Last year, Nintendo revived the NES with the NES Mini. Just a few weeks ago the console maker continued their remake streak when they dropped the SNES Mini. It doesn’t seem like the company is planning on stopping this trend anytime soon. Some new information has come to light that implies the next iconic console to get the treatment will be, and drum roll please…

…the original Game Boy.


No that is not a mistake. Nintendo is allegedly in the process of preparing a special (but no longer very secret) surprise for all of you original Game Boy fans out there (myself included). According to the this article Japanese fans caught Nintendo reapplying for their Game Boy trademark. They also re-registered for their Nintendo 64 trademark, so you can bet they’re lining up consoles to remaster for years to come. You can see the tweet reporting the trademark here:

I’ll be keeping you up to date with this story as it develops.