Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2017 Event Is Now Live

Overwatch brought back it's very popular and October-related event Halloween Terror to celebrate the "spookiest time of the year". The event goes from now until November first which gives players several weeks to collect all the new cool stuff including 20 new skins – there's some sick legendary ones in there – and new intros and emote. You can check those all out here.


It's important to mention that on top of all 50 new items, Overwatch is bringing back all the Halloween Terror gear from last year too. So if you weren't able to collect everything in 2016, you'll have another chance this year.

In addition to the skins, last year's PvE game mode, Junkenstein's Brawl, has returned. However, added to the previous twelve rounds, Blizzard has also brought added an endless mode. That is, your team will keep playing higher and higher rounds until everyone is dead at once. The teams who make it to the farthest will get a spot on the brand new leaderboard Blizzard has created to commemorate the best Junkenstein's Brawl players.

The event runs all the way into November – a generous three weeks. This should give everyone a decent amount of time to explore Junkenstein's Brawl, find the new items, and enjoy the season! If you haven't seen it already, check out the teaser below: