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New Podcast: Free Four All

Hey everyone! Eric here to drop the first episode of the latest show from PolarCap. Like dungeons and/or dragons? Tabletop RPGs? How about people making fools of themselves? 

It's a comedy podcast. And a games & hobbies podcast. You can be the judge of which category it fits in best. 

That's me, Eric. The DM and destroyer of worlds.

That's me, Eric. The DM and destroyer of worlds.

Free Four All is an actual play podcast from PolarCap! We've got monsters, mayhem, mysteries, and horrible mistakes. Most of us are very bad at this.

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You can also listen to the first episode below! It's the setup episode of the first season, and the first story episode is coming 3/6/2018. Enjoy!


Newcomers Drew Powers, Clay Hetrick, and Isaac Scroggins RPG it up with veterans Eric Vargo Jr. and Chris Wright in a new Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast! Come on in and listen in to the dealings of their new characters in a world specifically created for them by Eric, the god of this particular universe. Have fun, and stay tuned for more Free Four All.

You can tweet the show using #f4acast, and follow us @f4acast. Thanks for listening!