The Best of Netflix's Original Works

Netflix has come a long way from the DVD renting company it once was and is, nowadays, a very popular and used platform both in the U.S. and abroad. The success is not only due to the completely satisfying and handy services it offers, but more recently, to the original Netflix-made content. Indeed, in the past few years, reading “Netflix original” in the description of a movie or of a series has come to be a sign of quality content. To attest to this and remind you why Netflix is so popular, here are some of its best movies and series so far:


The End Of The F***ing World



It's about an unusual love story and family problems that two strange and particular teenagers -James (Alex Lawther) and Alyssa (Jessica Barden)- go through. She's itching for new adventures and to escape from her boring neighbourhood and messed up family, he's looking for the perfect occasion to finally kill her. 

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The show doesn't last long and yet it manages to perfectly develop its main characters and their relationship. The way they figure out they need each other to survive, the way James figures he actually doesn't want to kill her, and the way Alyssa ends up caring about him more than anything else is beautifully explored and deeply touching. Its palette is warm, the script can be unusually weird sometimes (especially in the first episode) but that doesn't make it any less good and especially not any less deep. The actors do a great a job, and on top of all that, the soundtrack, made of vintage and rock music, perfectly fits the story.



This superb series is a story about one of the greatest robberies to ever be done. 


The main goal of the robbers isn't to simply rob the Royal Mint, but first of all to be a symbol of resistance. They have rules, such as no killing and no committing any atrocious acts. Moreover they don't steal anybody’s money because their aim is to directly take the money stamped in the Royal Mint itself. Once they get in, they decide they won't leave the building until 1) a big amount of money is stamped and 2) they've finished digging a tunnel to get out of there - a process that will take them 10 to 13 days. In this time they deal with sixty-seven hostages and law enforcement.

The plan to steal from the “Royal Mint Of Spain” is made up by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), a character with a very high IQ and determined to make his plan work, who prepared the robbers for all types -or almost all- of inconveniences that might get in the way of their success.

To introduce all of the other thieves and plotline is Tokyo (Ursula Corberó), a young woman with a strong personality and sad backstory (her boyfriend was shot in the chest during a robbery). The other main characters of the team are: Berlin (Pedro Alonso) a weird and somewhat creepy character with an element of charm and glamour; Denver (Jaime Menendez), a slightly problematic young man who's following his father’s footsteps; and Rio (Miguel Herran), who is a genius in technology and Tokyo’s lover. There's also Nairobi, Helsinki,  and Oslo. The other main characters outside of the team are the brave Inspector (Itzia Ituño) and other hostages like Monica (who will fall in love with Denver) and Arturo (Monica ex lover).

Its plot is clever and well developed, the dialogues and script are well written. Another important aspect of the show is how every character has their own depth. 

The soundtrack is a quality one, especially the song “Bella ciao” (an anti-fascist song) which gets used more than once to underline that theirs is an attempt to oppose powerful people, and not simply to get rich.

This series has gotten mostly very positive reviews and fans can't wait for the second season to be on Netflix!





A high school senior, Bianca (portrayed by Mae Whitman), realizes that out of her group of friends she's the ugliest one and that therefore she's the DUFF, meaning the less pretty friend that people go to when they need a prettier girl’s number. After learning this from Wesley (Robbie Amell) she is desperate to change herself into something better, and in order to do that, at the start of the movie, she makes a deal with Wesley: she's going to help him with his studies and he's going to teach her how to look prettier and shake that duff-image off her. Although it might at first give the impression that this is a story where the protagonist is going to turn from the ugly friend into the most popular girl in the school, the movie is pretty original, since the protagonist has sort of a bad luck and bad things continuously happen to her. She never becomes the popular girl, but instead at the end of the movie she realizes that there will always be someone prettier and that she doesn't want to change to have everyone at her feet, because that wouldn't make her happy.





A dark TV series set in the 1977 that revolves around the FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), alongside the psychologist Wendy Carr (Anna Torv). The show is based on the book MindHunter written by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas, which is an autobiography about the first real hunter of serial killers.

The protagonists interview imprisoned serial killers in order to understand how their minds work, hoping that applying what they learn with those interviews might help solve ongoing cases. The show itself focuses on the characters, that's why there is not all the violence the audience expected from a series about serial killer profiling. There are a lot of long scenes that would be boring if the script wasn’t so good and everything wasn't so well studied. It's overall a simple but good story that focuses on complex characters.

The audience loved the series and it is already confirmed to have a second season!




It’s the most loved Marvel Netflix series and the first in a group of shows detailing the Marvel universe. 


The protagonist is Matt Murdock (portrayed by Charlie Cox), who was blinded in an accident as a child.  Matt is supposed to believe and trust the legal system because of his day job, but Daredevil, his alter ego, does not believe so much in the system and therefore he decides to do justice on his own by using his remaining, heightened senses to fight crime on the streets of New York every night, becoming a vigilante. 

The show, directed by Phil Abraham and Steven S. Deknight, has beautiful cinematography and a wonderful palette of colors, which tends to be dark but balanced. 





This very popular british series is a science fiction inspired by an older show titled The Twilight Zone. It studies our modern society, with a focus on the possible consequences of new technologies. In doing so, the show deals with controversial topics without any fear of being too truthful.

Each episode is a standalone set in an alternative present or a near future. Dark and satirical tones are present throughout, while the stories themselves focus on a pretty serious subject. This gives the show a perfect balance between seriousness and amusement.

The show had a lot of success and it is very talked about by everyone on the internet!