The Ghost of Pharaohs Past

Assassin's Creed Origins is already a pretty hefty game with the main game clocking in at around 30 hours (not including any of the collectibles, side quests, or sight seeing) and The Hidden Ones DLC. Now Ubisoft will be releasing another expansion on March 13th. If you’re a season pass holder you’ll automatically receive the expansion. Being the completionist I am, I’ve put in exactly 107 hours into the game to grab all the achievements as well as some sick gear. Don’t believe me? Shameless plug.



The Hidden Ones DLC offers much of the same gameplay as the main game and plot wise also kind of the same. You travel to a new area where you meet up with some other Assassins and work together to take down three bad guys. Surprise! There’s a fourth and of course he was with you from the beginning. Didn’t see that one coming. All in all, this expansion was fun to play through and didn’t take very long to complete.

Just when I thought I was done, Ubisoft is gonna throw more at me, and hopefully with more achievements. To sum up what to expect in the next expansion, Bayek will be pitted against the undead as the player experiences Egypt’s myths and folklore in a new area called, the Valley of Kings located in Thebes. For those not familiar with Egyptian history, this is where most of the Pharaohs were buried during the new kingdom. Not only will there be a new area to explore, your level cap will be raised again from 45 (if you played the hidden ones DLC) to 55 and new skills available to be unlocked. This can be seen from the in game map if you go to the atlas. Three regions marked Egypt, Sinai, and Valley of the Kings are visible. Also, giant scorpions because why not?


Along with all of that, new gear and a new mode called Discovery Tour is available which I thought was a great addition. In this mode, you can run through the streets of Egypt combat free and take guided tours discussing the different aspects of Ancient Egypt. The content provided in this add-on is really interesting for all the history buffs out there. So if you’re looking for a game to fill your time and are sick of playing Fortnite or PUBG (I’m only joking, calm thyself)then this is a must buy. Even without the DLC, it has so much to offer in terms of player experience and immersion. Be on the lookout for more content like this and much more!