The Originals Season 5 Coming Soon

“The Originals” is a “The Vampire Diares” spin-off written by Julie Plec. The show focuses on the Mikaelson family, which is made of Niklaus, Elijah and Rebekah (and other less foremost characters like Kohl, Freya, Finn). They are the original vampires who cannot be killed -although their lives were at risk a lot through these last seasons. The other main characters are “unlucky” persons who got caught in the Mikaelson’s complicated life such as Hayley, who's pregnant with Klaus’s child; Marcel, who Klaus considers to be a son and a friend; and Camille and Davina.

Plots, betrayals, romance, game of powers, violence: it isn't a happy-ever-after type of story, and although it focuses on supernatural creatures, it is very human. The three vampires constantly try to hang on to the last bits of humanity left inside them and, most importantly, they all fight for the family which is the most human value they have got.

The tv series is, perhaps, even more loved than TVD. The script is more consistent, the characters have more depth, the plot is much more well developed.

Although the fourth season wasn't the best, the first three ones remain spectacular, astonishing, moody and touching.

In the fourth season the main villain was the Hollow who, after causing a lot of chaos, was the first one to succeed in separating the Mikaelsons. Therefore, even if she didn't manage to conquer exactly what she wanted, the series didn't end in the best way. But that's not a problem because what keeps the show interesting is never a quiet and happy story.

Season 5, which is sadly going to be the last season, will debut on April 20 and we'll probably get to see how the brothers went through life on their own and likely they'll also reunite, perhaps at the end of the first episode. Julie Plec didn't talk too much about what's to come, but fans sure hope to see the lovers get back together and the family reunite. Perhaps, they could go back to being the “royal” family everybody once knew and feared, and, fingers crossed, Klaus might go back to being a king -instead of a victim- with his family and his little princess, Hope, by his side.