The Rise of Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is an australian actress who, over time, managed to become a Hollywood star and one of the most loved celebrities in recent years.

Recently a trailer of “Terminal”, her upcoming movie, came out and she has many other projects coming.

She started her career appearing in independent Australian movies to then get a role in the soap opera Neighbours (2008-2011).

But it was in 2013 that she was discovered by Martin Scorsese, who assigned her the role of Naomi Lapaglia in “The Wolf Of Wall Street”.

Within every movie and every different role she improved and she is now a foremost actress that every director would like to work with.

After TWOWS her most popular roles are in “Focus”, “Suicide Squad” (in which she portrayed the villain Harley Quinn), “The Legend of Tarzan” and “Goodbye Christopher Robin”.


This biography about Jordan Belfort has had a lot of success: good cinematography, good script, perfect actors. Among all of them, Margot Robbie is one of the most sensational ones. Her role is the one of Jordan’s wife, Naomi, who is a quite particular character.

The portrayal is perfect: confident, elegant and charming. Margot fits perfectly, but she's even better to portray as a mother tired of her husband's behaviors. Indeed, towards the end, when Jordan and Naomi fight, her tears and words manage to make people get emotional.

She isn't just portraying a hot young woman who seduces Jordan, but at some point we get to see that she's a person who's ready to protect who she loves -- in this case her children -- and who won't let anybody disrespect her.

I, TONYA (2018)


One of this year’s best movies is a biography about Tonya Harding, an ice skater who led a riveting life.

The character is complicated, strange and determined. The movie does not only focus on her path to success, it also explores her complicated life from her relationship with her mother to her relationship with her husband.

Margot seems to completely understand the character and that's probably why she's so accurately in character in every scene, with every line. She's portraying a woman who deals with her insecurities, that drove her to commit an awful act, meaning to pay a man to make sure her rival, Nancy, would be unable to compete with her at the finals.

But Tonya isn't overall a bad person and Robbie doesn't fail to represent just how complicated she is.


Although the movie wasn't really loved by critics, Margot's performance in this movie was one of her bests.

In the role of Jane, Tarzan's love interest, Robbie portrays a good hearted woman who does what she can to help a man, who is used to living as an animal, to live in better conditions.

The chemistry between the two of them is one of the best aspects of this movie and Robbie does an incredible job in portraying a strong woman with spirit who puts up a fight instead of a mere damsel in distress because of a man she fell for.

Margot is still young and has still many incredible projects to come. She is on a very promising path and the expectations are high.

Her next movie to come is “Terminal”, make sure not to miss it!