Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

I'm excited and you should be too

Ever since Nintendo's newest game console released in March of this year, one of gamers biggest questions were, "Well, what games are we gonna get for this dang thing?" Obviously Nintendo is was going to deliver soon and by soon, I mean, we got quite a few games coming our way soon. We are gonna list some of them here and rate the overall level of excitement of this writer.

Pokkén Tournament DX - $59.99

All of our favorite fighters.

All of our favorite fighters.

Fighting game??? Nice. Pokémon game??? Heck nice! Mixture of the two?? Sounds amazing. I never got this game for the Wii U but maybe I'll pick it up on the mobile system.

Level of Excitement: 7/10

Arcade Archives Mario Bros. - $7.99

This is a fun game idea! Six games where you fight your friends and family on the Switch. Couch fighting can make good stuff for a tournament or something like that, and the price is pretty good too.

Level of Excitement: 5/10

EA Sports FIFA 18 - $59.99

I do not really like sports games, but as long as this runs good on Switch I know a bunch of people will pick it up. Probably not me though whoops.

Level of Excitement: 1/10

Fire Emblem Warriors - $59.99

Look at that beautiful emblem.

Look at that beautiful emblem.

Yes!!!! I love this franchise and I want more of this dang series. Chrom and Lucina and all of my boys???? Gonna do some sweet flips and tricks??? God bless.

Level of Excitement: 9/10

Super Mario Odyssey - $59.99

This game is bound to be good no matter what. Sure, there will be haters, what games doesn't have them? But, I personally love the Mario open worldish games so this is gonna be a must have for me once it comes out.

Level of Excitement: 9/10

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - $59.99

One more piece of Skyrim in the collection. Let's just say, I own this at least three other ways so this game may not join my Switch collection just yet.

Level of Excitement: 4/10

DOOM - $59.99

DOOM Logo.jpg


I loved this on my PS4, and from what has been put out for this iteration of the game, it looks really good on the small screen, so this is also a possibility for me.

Level of Excitement: 6/10

There are just some of the games coming to our favorite little console coming this year and how incredibly excited I am, hopefully some of your levels match with mine!