What We Know About Red Dead Redemption 2

Rumored to release sometime in spring of 2018, Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 has fans of the franchise on the edge of their saddles. Get it? Cause horses. I’ve searched the web from east to west for any concrete facts about the game, yet the only source is one sole trailer. The rest are fan made speculations. 

Taking a closer look at the trailer, I noticed a couple key things that clued me in as to what we can expect. First, just from the description, we have a new protagonist by the name of Arthur Morgan. Not ringing a bell? How about the Van der Linde gang from the first game. The story will follow the gang and all their exploits from the point of view of the new character. Although, given GTA V’s perspective of the story from multiple characters, this could be a possibility as well. 

After multiple viewings of the trailer, John Marston is no where to be found so I’m gonna guess this takes place after John leaves the gang but before he becomes all zombified. Let’s all remember that was a thing. Dutch, the guy who walks off a cliff in the first game, looks younger and more defined (thank you next-gen graphics.) Playing from the perspective of the outlaws should make for endless fun. By that I mean chaos and destruction, which, if you’re not going on a rampage in a Rockstar game, you’re not doing it right. 


Moving onto the location, the trailer greets us with beautiful wide landscapes, murky swamps, and on fire buildings. Browsing the forums, people seem inclined to think Texas and some of New Mexico as the locale for our story. The image of a telephone in a bank as well as numerous telephone lines throughout town indicates the time period being around the 1880’s and beyond. What do you think? The swamps give me the vibe of the Louisiana bayou. I’m excited to see what’s encompassed as this is a Rockstar game and based off Red Dead Redemption’s size, the map being small is the least of my worries. 

I think what I’m most excited about is to finally be able to duel wield. In the trailer, one of the main characters is seen duel wielding revolvers like a bad-ass. It also looks as though the hunting, brawling, and gambling features will make a return. Breaking horses, breaking noses, and breaking banks are all safe bets in my opinion. What about you? Was there anything you were looking forward to or anything curious you noticed in the trailer? Shoot me a message! Until then, safe riding, outlaws.