Reviewing the Mid-Season Return of Gotham

Gotham came back on TV with all of its best villains that everyone was so looking forward to see!

The Riddler, Penguin, Jerome, Poison Ivy and other great characters seem to be this show’s hope to have a better mid-season than the first half.

In the 12th episode Ivy Pepper is back with a new face and a stronger personality. She has always been an environment lover, but now that she's a plant-human hybrid she is even more bound to nature and she's determined to do anything in order to save it. But, before making the plants (the Green in comics) triumph over Gotham -- and then the rest of the world -- she aims to take her revenge on anyone who has ever harmed or disrespected her. She challenges both the GCPD, Bruce Wayne and Selina, and differently from the previous episodes, she's capable of surviving on her own (who even needs Cat anymore?).


Until now this Poison Ivy has been perfect, the charming, sensual, manipulative and dangerous femme fatale who cares about nothing and no one but nature, her new house, and family. The new actress who portrays Ivy, Peyton List, fits the role perfectly -- even her voice is on point!

Penguin, meanwhile, is locked in Arkham and is making acquaintance with Jerome, who sees in Oswald a challenge: he wants to make him laugh and to make a deal to escape the asylum.

Jerome seems to be more like Joker every episode. Cameron Monaghan's performance is superb, astonishing even. I'm pretty sure he really loves Joker and he certainly understands how to portray the character.

Penguin, though, finds his way out in Riddler.

Edward Nygma seems to have overcome his dark side (meaning the Riddler) and he doesn't want to go back to being a criminal now that he realizes what he feels for Lee. The way they divided Riddler and Edward as if they were two different personalities was one of the few bad choices they made with the character. An internal conflict between a good and dark side can be interesting, but making Riddler and Edward two different persons which makes it look like he's simply mentally ill and he has no actual conflict when it comes to understanding what he wants and who he is. Perhaps it will be exemplified in the next episodes that multiple personalities isn't the case with Ed, and that he's just talking to himself instead of another personality trapped in his body. The feelings he grew for Lee, on the other end, were a good idea to make him doubt his criminals actions.

Talking about Lee: she's now the “chief” in the Narrows and she is determined to give her people a better life condition. When she dared to defy Sophia Falcone, who seems to be the queen of the criminal life in Gotham.

Meanwhile the Sirens are back together and still haven't got a bigger role -- which is a little disappointing, since Catwoman hasn't had big role in this season either.


Tabitha, after Butch became Grundy, managed to remind him of his past and of who he was. There seems to be no point in Grundy’s character -- or even the sirens, at this point -- since they really have no bigger roles coming.


Scarecrow still hasn't appeared, but fans were told that he was recast and that he's going to be portrayed by David W. Thompson. He is a good character with an interesting back story and he totally has the potential to be a bigger threat to Gotham.

This season seems to be getting better, Poison Ivy’s plans to take over the city and make it into her green paradise is apparently the biggest threat at the moment, and by the way she's handling things it's pretty obvious that she's not going to be easy to take down.

The next episodes are expected to be good and to show us the Joker, make sure not to miss them!